Unpleasant Dreams


I don't know how this lady can give anyone bad dreams, unless they watch the movies she hosts. Ah Elvira, mistress of the dark oh how I adore thee. You were my original idol for being who you are and not giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks. Your unabashed camp factor and wicked sense of humor and great reading skills (reading is fundamental hunties) makes you the original drag superstar, but nobody would ask you to lip-sync for your life. Your Elvira mistress of the dark, made me realize why I never could trust Mrs. Poole on the Hogan's Family. And having grown up in St. Louis channel 11 KPLR showed your movie more times than I can remember. My affection for your character is a reoccurring one . My friend Mya had me go to a haunted house in the late 90's that you would be at just to get your autograph, I still have mine proudly in a frame in my room (Mya on the other hand,I have misplaced), I remember the first time I got a DVD version of Elvira (some crappy bootleg off of e-bay before it was released, and just the crappiness of the bootleg made me check every week or so until the movie finally came out legitimately on DVD. About the same time I picked up Haunted Hills and had another Elvira renaissance. Not to be topped by my recent resurgence in all things Elvira seeing her at ComicCon last year (woohoo and I have another autographed picture this time as herself, oooh for extra nerd points I even asked a question at he panel.....)




Wait, who is that redhead? You might ask (although probably not I am sure you have guessed) It's Cassandra Peterson, Elvira's real persona.  The lady gets the best of both worlds here, an instantly recognizable character, and to go around on the streets unrecognizable when she wants to be! Honest to god original drag superstar! Don't just think this lady is a pretty face with great comedic timing, she also has another big pair of talents......... dancing and signing (wait where did you think I was going with this?) Just look up her trick or treat video from the early 80's or even better my anthem to sing last October (and even later, sorry Charlie) 2 Big Pumpkins (Elvira and Fred Schneider from the B-52's = Nerdvana). The only anthem that I know of that tells the world how hard it is to grow to big pumpkins in your front yard.........

Elvira is one of my favorite nerd-sessions and the ultimate Queen of Camp to me



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