Ultimate Camp Cd - Cher - It's A Man's World or How to turn a Boy Gay!

Okay so it's been a while since I have written on this site and I had been waiting for the right topic to get me back on track, when I pulled this cd out of my old dusty cd rack (Hey who uses cds anymore?)......... I couldn't beleive I hadn't written about my all time favorite album ever..... What could get more campy and gay, Cher in some really campy wigs, signing an album of mostly covers.  Okay now you are eigther thinking okay whats new or your thinking ok this has to be crap.......... But this album  delivers and delivers hard......



Cher's vocals on this album are in top form, her husky contralto sets the tone here (She still has her unmistakable warble here so all you cher inpersonators can rest easy and still enjoy lol) IMOHO there is not a single through away track on eigther version of this album. Eigther version you ask? This was my first was experience with an album that had a different release in the states and Europe. The European edition (the original) has a more southern rock tone, while the US edition has been remixed with more of a mid 90's r&b vibe, very Madonna's Bedtime Stories neets Boyz2men meets Cher . Of course I had the US at first till I found the European version at a Blockbuster Music...... (yes I said Blocbuster music, this was the 90's) and had to borrow ten bucks from my girlfriend at the time (thats right I said girlfriend it was the 90's lol), that was the first of those little gay moments some of us have (You know when you are in a store and we gasp loudly and allmost jump up and down from excitement, after seeing a few people do it, I realize is the funniest thing in the world). Yes, yes, yes this was probably my gateway cd to campdom (Cher the great queer gateway.......). I would for hours on end sing along in my best Cher voice while I was doing chores for my mom, make my sister sing along while we hung out after I had to pick her up from school (again the poor girl was raised to be a gay man by me, lol). The songs would take me to another world, I used to imagine Cher in some smokey Italian resturant during the haunting Gunman, Cher taking me on a trip down Beale Street in Walking in Memphis, Cher in some smokey bar while doing it's a mans world and so many many more. This album really brought to life Cher's true gift as a singer, storytelling (The locations she would take me to though were in part do to my warped sense of pizzazz...... why was it always smokey?)


Now this Cd contains my absolute favorite song in the world, One by One. Now I love both of the album versions, but the first time I heard/saw the song/video was on VH1 (oh god....... what 14-15 year old  watches VH1 I was sooooooo cool, lol) and I saw Junior Vasquez version........ pure heaven (and my introduction to the world of House Vocal remixes).  The US Maxi single was my first love, it was amazing to me that I could find all of these fab versions of my favorite song. Other favorites would have to be Paradise is Here (the second US single, also because of the awesomeness of the mixes......) and her version of the Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (such a heart wrenching ballad...... could easily see a drag queen lypsynching for her life to this one). This album started some of the club buzz that IMHO led to her next album being the dance pop gem Believe........ Reasons to buy this album........ Pure gem of campiness, deep and heartfelt. Reasons to run from this........ You only want upbeat music with a dance edge, or maybe you are a straight man (For some reason they just don't seem to be into Cher, idky!)

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