Lost in Lost or 4 8 15 16 23 42...... I gotta play the Lotto

Okay now this is an early cast picture from the show..... don't get used to too many of the faces, there are way too many deaths to keep track of characters. For all of us fans of the great rock band Drive Shaft (could they be any more Oasis? I mean Charlie even plays Wonderwall in a episode!!!), this is quite a bummer. I happened to get sucked into the storyline, this magical island that moves all over the place (Wahtever weed JJ Abrams was smoking..... I would go to California for lol), lets people travel through time, heals people, and so many other things that would take50 blog entries to barely scratch the surface. Now I know what you are thinking (hey I thought it too when the show came out in the fisrt place!) ....... Come on how could be be lost on an island for long enough to make a tv show........ and the answer is pretty crazy, but once you suspend your beleif system(this is sci-fi) you will get drawn into this magical world with its own mythos.



To me the best part of the show has to be the characters (uhm except Nikki and Paulo.... what the hell were they even on the show for?).... We learn so much about what drives them through flashbacks that take us back in time before they crashed on the island. Each and every prominent survivor of 815 has his or her own unique tale (some I wish were on for longer than they were.... Libby, Ana, Charlie)..... and interconected reason for being there (Okay take Ana, she was Jack and Claires fathers body gaurd and hadn't met any of them.... btw neigther had Jack or Claire). Now I know the show is in season six (the final season), but I am still trudging my way through season 5. This is definately not a show you can even attempt to not watch from the begining, deffinately not a show for casual veiwers (although their are enough hot actors to make up for that fact that you will have no idea what is going on.....). The show loses and adds characters as it goes on, but you can tell that the writers of this series had a sense of how the show would play out from the very begining. Sometimes rewatching an episode after you have progressed in the show (damn roomate decided to get into Lost so I rewatched most of the first season with him) actually helps you see things that you didn't notcie early on.. bu be carefull you don't spill the beans to whomever you are watching with, the whole show is a big build up moment. Personally I tend to love the fated characters on the show, loved Charlie, Juliet, etc. and some of the supporting characters are awesome (Rose and Eloise are both poeple I would like to know in real world situations) and I do love Kate and Jack.... together as a couple.  The different groups on the island all have their own purposes and I have to say I love the name Dharma Initiative (sounds like it should be a show staring Jenna Elfman.......) but I am still lost (lol) as to what they were doing there on the island. I can't wait to get all the way caught up and then for the finale....... I need answers

ps warning don't play 4 8 15 16 23 42 as lotto numbers unless you want the curse

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