God Bless Lili St. Cyr

Or who the fuck is Lili St.Cyr?


The oldest question I have ever forgotten. Have you ever watched Rocky Horror Picture Show? The floorshow? Susan Sarandon utters those words, and most of us ask "Who the fuck?"



Lili St Cyr was born as Willis Marie Van Shaack  in 1918, and rose to fame as a burlesque dancer. Burlesque Dancers are pretty fantastic in my eyes. They get to walk the line between Art and Erotica, and the best pull of the Awe factor and the offensiveness, without loosing everyone. Lili was one of the best and loved to push the limits. St. Cyr had a signature act that was called the "Flying G" where a fishing line would be attached to her g string and pull it off as the lights dim on the stage. St. Cyr also had a few run ins with the law due to the scandalous nature of her act, something that followed several other artists in the same line of work (Sally Rand and her famous bubble dance coming to mind) but famously won a case by a quick witted description of her act. St. Cyr blew through most of the money made through her act and in later years made money due to a lingerie deal. St. Cyr died at 80 in L.A.

Lili St. Cyr is remembered by the line in Rocky Horror Picture Show, fans of Burlesque, several song references, and has made another significant impact on Camp culture, Cassandra Peterson used a Lili St. Cyr deep plunge bra to help create the cleavage on her most famous character, Elvira




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