For the love of the Doctor!!!!

I make no secret of the fact that I am a huge DORK....... I love CAMP...... and I love sci-fi..... so its only natural that I would eventually find myself sitting down to watch Doctor Who. It took long enough for me to get there and I went the long way about it. I started with Torchwood ( I know I know, how do you start with the spin off).... I mean how would I not find myself watching Torchwood. A funky sci fi show with a hunky leading gay/bi main character... and the relationship with Ianto Jones... HOT!!! So I FINALLY finish with Torchwood and want more of Captain Jack! and there was only one place to turn... Doctor Who.... I was so resistant to starting the Who... I kept thinking it was some cheesy show that started in the sixties, must have that cheesy classic Star Trek kind of feel (OK don't kill me I am just not a Kirk guy...). I can't believe how wrong I was. I started with the first season of the new series...... and zoomed straight on through to the current... Yowza!!! what great sci-fi!!!! Time travel, Alien menaces, Fabulous companions.....

All this wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.... got me hooked. I've started tracking down the classic episodes as well (a very expensive habit by the way).... So much ore to get into, the novels, audiobooks, radio dramas... you could loose a huge fortune trying to get everything and still never have it all (sadly TV shows in the sixties weren't thought of as future VHS or DVD revenue and some of the adventures of the first and second doctor have been taped over or destroyed). No discussion of Doctor Who would be complete without some sort of numbering system where you count down your favorite doctors or companions (don't know why but everyone and everywhere does it, I think it is sort of like a calling card to find Whovians that will most likely agree with you on your way of thought....)

So without further ado my 10 favorite companions (new and old)

10. Rose Tyler - I know there are many who love Rose the best, she was the one they first got into when the series started and was something different for the classic series Doctor Who fans. Yes she was a great character but not to me the greatest. Billie Piper did a great job with the character, a very honest portrayal of what a modern day teen would be like with the doctor. But to me not my favorite (but I can honestly see why there are those that cherish her above al others), plus the whole Mickey/Rose thing kind of rubbed me the wrong way, if its over just say it is and be done with it (but...... have to say that happens in real life more often than not)

9. Barbara/Ian - The original love tension in the TARDIS. They start of the show with the Doctor and his granddaughter by getting forced to come along on these magical journeys. You get to see the Doctor loose his initial distrust of them and learn to accept and care for them. They had this sort of friendship that always made me wonder if the ended up together, they were so completely natural together you would often forget they were a married couple. I love the way they end by going back to there own time, with the doctor watching on his monitors, showing that even they got on his nerves at times they were people he had learned to care about

8. Vislor Turlough - The bad boy who goes right. Turlough goes through a journey of character and grows from the alien boy banished to Earth, not to be trusted, trying to kill the Doctor because he's a double agent for one of the Doctor's greatest enemies. He soon becomes a trusted member of the team TARDIS, bonding with the Doctor and later Tegan. Don't forget in a weird dorky British way he was kind of a cutie too.

7. K-9 - I love K-9!!!! the robotic dog who saves the day.... He was awesome with the Doctor and Romana 2, almost becoming more like there child and completing a family rather than a tin dog..... but I think I love him the most with Sarah Jane Smith....playing perfectly into her personality and working well on her show...

6.Amy/Rory - For me they are one..... Hard to separate them for me, probably because I didn't like Amy as much until the Rory /Doctor/Amy triangle got figured out. They really had a lot of time to grow as characters, seeming to take traits from each other as any couple would over time. There ending recently was tragic for the doctor and sad for us fans because we will miss them, but at the same time a great way to end things for them, they got to spend the rest of there lives together at least. Wonder if we will ever see any kids magically have sprung from them (even though Amy said she couldn't have any more after River)

5.Sarah Jane Smith - When I first got into Who, I didn't understand the love for Sarah Jane. I kind of thought she was boring, but I soon realized that the episodes with her on Netflix were not a great indicator of her time on the show. Watching School Reunion started to get me to realize some of her potential, then after watching the Dalek episodes I began to see it more. She really was a great modern woman, who complimented the Doctor by also adding a bit of innocence that he lacks.

4. Jack Harkness - so anti hero he could be like reading a 90s comic book if done wrong but his character has shown so many facets that its hard to see all of him. Plus you have to remember that Torchwood got me into Who.... Ianto and Jack,,, hubba hubba. I do like him a little better on Torchwood thought his Who side is more playful and lighter than his Torchwood side

3. River Song- The woman who actually got the Doctors heart. River is amazing, a time travelling female Indiana Jones and Alex Kingston is charismatic and great fun to watch. Plus the reverse order that they sometimes meet in is a great plot device. The only thing I could have done without at first was the whole Amy/Rory as her parents thing but even that became an asset to all those characters (Angels Take Manhattan was fantastic because of there combo) hope she shows up at least a few more times, to bad we will probably never get to see more of her time with her parents after they are sent back by the Angels...

2. Susan - the first companion. The doctors granddaughter. He started out with only her to care for and watching them together you never see the same kind of attachment with the Doctor and any one else. The Doctor really did love his granddaughter ( no not in that way you pervs). Susan was smart and innocent at the same time. Plus her departure scene is not only the first of any companion but also one of the most touching.

1. Donna Noble - Loved or Loathed.... I always see people with strong opinions of her. I think she brought the best chemistry with my favorite doctor. I think her ending was more tragic to us fans of Donna because while a death is always tragic (or being stuck in an alternate dimension) but to loose any and all memories of the most exciting times of your life, to grow as a person ( yes Donna was a bit annoying and rude, especially in the Runaway Bride.... we grow with her as she helps the Ood, Agatha Christie, etc.) Catherine Tate brought not only a strong sense of comedy to the show to offset the dark, but to me proved herself to be quite compelling in a dramatic role. Her character was strong in her relationship with the doctor, she didn't lust after him like some, didn't distrust him like others. She sought him out to help her fulfill her purpose in life. He was at his most comfortable with her. She was his best friend and he hers. Her mostly solo episode Turn Left is one of my favorites, her role in the last journey for Doctor 10 is fitting ( and that scene where her grandfather Wilifred pleads with him to fix her memories is heartbreaking). Like I said it seems to be very love her hate her in fandom, I just adore her.

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