Camp Classic Rocky Horror Picture Show or I didn't make him for you!

For one of the campiest experiences you will ever have you must try to catch this movie at one of the few midnight screenings that are left around (For a still great camp time, pop the DVD in like I have on now). What can I say, I have been lucky enough to attend a few times in my life (No, no, no, I don't dress up as one of the characters, I am not that brave, lol) and I will still always remember the first time I went. Let me set the scene for you ..... New Years Eve screening (98 or 99) at a small movie theater in Clayton Missouri (I forgot the name Shady something?). I've got some of my best crew there with me (Oh my old crew were definitely an assorted bunch) and I entered a world of pure insanity!!!! I was always in between a state of prep, wannabe punk, and club in high school ( Oh yeah, I was like Madonna how much I used to reinvent myself), I used to consider myself a Loopian( ahh U-City Loop)  so a movie that combined all the facets of my personality was killer!

 If you've never been to a screening you may not know of the tradition of actioning off virgins (to the movie that is!) at the beginning. My poor friend Jennifer and I got on stage and had to sing the Old Navy Performance Fleece song ( My fault I was wearing one of the vests, I loved that thing) and got sold for a can of imaginary beans(OK that's embarrassing!!!)! The experience in the theater is complimented by throwing dialog (and rice, so watch out!) back at the screen, its got a feeling of community (a sense of belonging), to see the whole range of my friends reactions on any of the occasions we went were as fantastic to watch as the movie itself. I would always get the best reactions from the older ladies at the grocery store I worked at (ah Schnucks, you taught me so many things), "I never got that movie" and so forth. It was a phenomenon that had gotten a resurgence (which unfortunately has died) that I happened to luck out and get on the tail end of, hell I even recruited a future fan (Oh my poor little sister, poor girl had no chance to grow up normal with me as her brother).

The movie, oh the movie itself is out there Dr. Frank N Furter is literally from outer space (Tim Curry doesn't like to talk about this role often, maybe he liked the heels he wore a little too much!!). Susan Sarandon runs around in the movie half naked the whole movie (What's That Smell, Cover It Up) and gets quite dirty (touch a touch a touch me!). There are Transylvania's (OMG one of them looks like Mrs. Slocombe)  dancing, Meatloaf for dinner (literally), and cross dressing galore! The songs are freaky and fabulous (My old friend Sherry's ex used to sing Sweet Transvestite on his way home from her house), and Brad literally has a gay old time. One of the most iconic openings in movie history (Magenta's lips lip syncing to Richard O'Brien) and everyone has their own favorite character.

Reasons to watch? You love the obscene, 70's rock musicals, gender fuck, or are just looking for a feel good coming of age story(lol). Reasons to run? You like your drag queens more feminine're completely sane(how boring!!!!!)


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